Steam Sanitisation and Decontamination


Catering for those only interested in sanitisation and disinfection for the interior and steam decontamination of the exterior.

Steam decontamination is the utilisation of steam vapor on the exterior of the vehicle to help remove lighter industrial fallout and more stubborn dirt in scratches which helps reduce the appearance of scratches and helps enhance the colour of the vehicle.

Steam vapor is used to sanitise the entire interior of the vehicle (electrics excluded) in order to kill all germs and bacteria.

The exterior is then steam washed and Fortador Iron R is then applied to the entire exterior of the vehicle.

This removes any iron deposits on the paint increasing the shine of the vehicle.

The vehicle is steam washed again completely decontaminating the paint. Wheels are steam cleaned and Fortador Tire Shine is applied.

  • Pricing

    • Complete Vacuum of the Interior Cabin and Boot Area
    • Steam sanitisation of the roof lining
    • Steam sanitisation of the side and door panels
    • Steam sanitisation of the Seats
    • Steam sanitisation of all Carpets
    • Steam sanitisation of the aircon ducts
    • Steam clean and sanitisation of the centre console (cup holders, ash tray and item carrying areas)
    • Steam sanitisation of the dashboard (All electrics are avoided)
    • Brush Detailing of electrical components and buttons
    • Application of Fortador Dashboard Shine
    • Steam sanitisation of the Boot area
    • Complete Steam decontamination of the exterior of the vehicle
    • Steam Clean of Wheels and Rims
    • Application of Fortador Tyre Shine

    Small: R199
    MidSized: R 249
    Large: R 299
    Extra Large: R 349