Full Steam Valet


The FULL STEAM DETAIL follows the same process as the INTERIOR STEAM DETAIL regarding the interior of the vehicle, with the following additions.

Greater in depth steaming of the paintwork, decontaminating and removing dirt from scratches (This greatly reduces the appearance of deep scratches) and removing possible paint transfer (Paint transfer is paint from objects your car might have come into contact with,e.g a lamp post or another vehicle).

Steam cleaning and polishing the engine bay.
The wheel arches are steam cleaned.
The wheels are steam cleaned and Fortador Tyre Shine is applied.
The spare wheel area is steam cleaned, and the paintwork is glazed using our Fortador Wax Polish.

  • Pricing

    • Complete Vacuum of the interior of the vehicle
    • Pretreat the interior of the vehicle with our Bio degradable range of products
    • Steam sanitisation and stain removal of the roof lining
    • Steam sanitisation and stain removal of the side and door panels
    • Steam sanitisation and stain removal of the seats
    • Steam sanitisation and stain removal of all carpets
    • Steam sanitisation of the aircon ducts
    • Steam clean and sanitisation of the centre console (cup holders, ash tray and item carrying areas)
    • Steam sanitisation of the dashboard (All electrics are avoided)
    • Brush Detailing of electrical components and buttons
    • Leather Conditioner is applied to feed the leather and for protection.
    • Steam sanitisation and stain removal of the Boot area
    • Steam Clean and Sanitisation of the Spare wheel area
    • Complete Steam decontamination of the exterior of the vehicle
    • Steam Clean of the wheel arches
    • Complete Engine steam detail
    • Steam Clean of Wheels and Rims
    • Application of Fortador Wet Wheels
    • Application of Fortador Wax Polish for that Glossy finish

    Small               : From R 899

    Mid Sized        : From R 1099

    Large               : From R 1199

    XL                    : From R 1299