Vehicle Steam Cleaning Services

  • Our Vehicles are apart of us. Whether it’s a car, motorbike, bicycle or even a caravan, we are attached to them down to our very DNA. This is no joke. It has been proven that an owner of a motor vehicle, through dead skin, body oils, micro organisms, bacteria and various pathogens are linked to their vehicles at a microscopic level.

    This as you can imagine is not very healthy, as the human being is able to bath and refresh himself / herself on a day to day basis, the motor vehicle on the other hand gets vacuumed and sprayed with a bit of water on a weekly basis (if that) . Unfortunately water and a few chemicals are not enough to kill or stop the spread and build up of various bacteria and germs in your vehicle.

    It has been proven through numerous studies and trials, the most effective way of sanitizing, disinfecting, deodorizing and removing bacteria is through the use of Steam. Utilisation of steam in the interior of the vehicle has many benefits:

    • Stain Removal
    • Sanitisation and Disinfection
    • Eco Friendly
    • Up to 90 % less water used for the same job
    • Minimal Drying Time
    • Deodorizes
    • Reduced Cleaning time.

    Steam is also utilized on the exterior of the vehicle as the high pressure, temperature water vapor is able to safely and effectively encapsulate the various dirt particles before being wiped away by our high quality micro fiber towels. This high pressure, high temperature steam pressure penetrates the pores of the paint and removes ingrained dirt leaving the vehicle with a natural shine.

    Pricing and Process Options
  • We steam every type of vehicle:

    • Motor vehicles
    • Bikes
    • Boats
    • Heavy Machinery
    • Trucks
    • Planes
    • Trains
    • Busses

    We Steam Everything!

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