Sealing And Ceramic Coating

Once the paint correction is complete and the vehicle has been polished with a high shine polish its time to close up or seal the pores of the paint with a sealant.

This sealant can be in the form of a wax, polymer or synthetic sealant. This has a dual purpose. To protect and to enhance the beauty and clarity of the paint. Application can be via hand or machine.

Ceramic Coatings are made with Nano technology and have hydrophobic properties. Once the car is ready to be sealed. Applying a good quality Ceramic coating provides a lot of benefits. It creates a solid layer of protection which acts like a second skin or second clear coat, protecting from minor scratches and various paint defects.It has Antioxidant properties so it prevents the paint from fading.Its Anti Static so less dust is attracted to the surface. The protection can last up to two years (Dependent on how you maintain your vehicle). Its also Hydrophobic which means it does not allow water or water based contaminants to remain on the paint. Ceramic coatings can be applied to any external surface, like wheels or even glass. It has insane Gloss and Clarity effects giving an amazing glossy mirror like finish. Once this coating is on you don’t feel bad taking your vehicle to the car wash as every time its washed it will give you the same look as when the coating was applied.

Forte Steam uses:

Menzerna Ultimate Power Lock

Scholls Concepts Neo Polymer Sealant

NDG Nano Hyper Seal Ceramic Coating

Car Pro UK Nano Ceramic Coating