Polish Vs Glaze Vs Wax

In the world of Exterior Car Care, car enthusiasts often misunderstand and lump together these three Processes, often understanding them to be the same thing in the paint correction and detailing process. So what is the difference?

Using a Rotary or Dual action machine, Polishes are abrasive on a vehicle. The purpose being to shave down or smoothen a layer of clear coat at a microscopic level in order to even out the clear coat and remove swirls, scratches and paint defects resulting in a flawless finish where no reflection of a scratch meets the eye(Usually dependent on the depth of imperfection).

Glazing does no such thing. A glaze is the process of filling in the swirls, scratches, minor paint defects as well as any scratches that cannot be removed by polishing at a microscopic level (Usually because the scratch is too deep), also in order bring back an amazing shine to the vehicle.

Similar to Glazing but with a very different purpose. Waxing in the detailing industry is used primarily for paint protection and is usually used after a Glaze or Polish. Waxing secondary goal is for shine however it is more ideal at enhancing the shine that your polish and glaze has provided.

In conclusion it is interesting to note that all three of these processes can be used together in different steps in order to maximise each processes ability to bring the paintwork to a flawless, shiny, mirror like wet look that we all want and desire for our vehicles.