Paint Correction (Scratch And Swirl Removal)

In order for us to understand paint correction we have to understand paint and how defects are caused.

There are layers to paint that go unnoticed by us as we cannot see them and they are at a microscopic level.

In a brief description at the base you have bare metal. Above the metal layer you have a small layer of primer, then a slightly thicker layer of paint then a thicker layer of clearcoat.

Over time defects develop in many ways. It could be from natural contamination like the acid from bird droppings lying too long on your vehicle or even tree sap by leaving your vehicle under a tree.

It could also come from inorganic contamination like Industrial fallout or contaminants, or brake dust and Tar. Then there’s just everyday wear and tear. Scratches occurring from small accidents or swirl marks occurring from cloths coming into contact with your vehicle from car washes etc.

The fact is your vehicle is exposed to all these elements on a day to day basis. This is where paint correction is needed. As a detailing center we deal with clear coat only. Scratches and swirls on the clear coat can be removed by a process called polishing or compounding.

Depending on the package chosen Forte Steam detailers can polish to various perfections and gloss levels. Where light swirl and scratch removal is required, a single step polishing process to an average of 60 % clarity and gloss level can be done, up to a multiple step process to achieve complete perfection in clarity (Depth of clear coat dependent).

Essentially the polishing process cuts or removes a microscopic layer of clear coat evening out the layer of clear coat to the depth of the scratch completely removing the scratch, swirl or any paint defect. A less abrasive higher gloss polish is then used to Polish the vehicle bringing out a magnificent shine. A sealant or ceramic coating can then be used in order to protect the vehicles paint and further enhance the look of the paint to get the ultimate glossy wet mirror look.

Forte Steam uses:
Scholls Concepts Range of Compunds, Polishes and Pads