Equipment And Products We Use

At Forte Steam Detailing Centre we strive to make your vehicle look and feel like brand new. In order to do that we have partnered up with some of the best machine polishing makers, Polishing compound and Chemical manufacturers and Steam Cleaning manufacturers  in the world. Namely Fortador, Lamborghini Caloreclima,  FLEX and Scholls Concepts.

Fortador – Powered by Lamborghini, is the marriage of two major powerhouses in the boiler, burner and steam manufacturing industry. Established in 2014, the partnership between 7 Car Polska – steam machine manufacturer in Poland and Lamborghini Caloreclima – the heater, burner and boiler manufacturing division of Lamborghini from Italy, has proven to be one of the most successful in the industry. Merging the superior performance of burners and boilers from Lamborghini with the beautiful design, flawless craftsmenship and advanced technological enhancements from 7 Car Polska gave birth to the “ Fortador – Powered by Lamborghini” steam cleaning machines. We at Forte Steam and Fortador Africa have been given the illustrious opportunity and exclusive distributorship of bringing and using these powerful machines in Africa.

FLEX a German high end polishing machine and tool manufacturer has been around for decades and supply some of the best machinery known to the detailing industry. The FLEX 14 – 2 150 Rotary and FLEX XC 3401 VRG Dual Action machines are our machines of choice . These machines have been designed with safety, comfort, durability and absolute quality in mind. In the hands of our experienced polishers the FLEX polishers get the job done both quickly, efficiently and of coarse most important…safely.

In the struggle for perfection The best Machines require the best polishes to produce the finest results. There was no hesitation when choosing to go with Scholls Concepts. An amazing German product, Scholls Concepts have been around over 50 years. There is no technology out there that delivers the polishing power, Shine and Gloss that Scholls Concepts can offer. A polish utilizing the latest in DAT (Diminishing Abrasive technology) technology

Again only the best for our clients!