Clay Treatment

This particular step in the detailing industry is absolutely Crucial.

Vehicle Paint is a fascinating subject. Just like skin at a microscopic level, paint has pores. Over time due to Organic contamination (Bird droppings, Pollen, Tree Sap, Acid Rain etc.) and inorganic contamination (Brake Dust, Tar, Rail Dust, Industrial fallout or contaminants in the air) bonding itself to the paint, it fills up the pores of the paint causing the vehicle to dull and feel gritty to the touch (even after its washed).

A Clay Bar is used together with a Clay Lubricant in order to rub along the surface of the car in order to extract the microscopic dirt from the pores of the paint. This enhances and brightens the paint color and gives it a smooth feel to the touch.

The Paint work is then polished or Glazed and sealed or all of the above depending on the clients requirements.

A Clay Treatment is always done before Polishing as this is best practice and safest for the paint. If the vehicle is not given a clay treatment before polishing the vehicle there is a possibility that the ingrained dirt that was not removed will create more swirls and imperfections during the polishing process instead of removing imperfections.