Why Steam

Eco-friendly – the latest in steam vapor technology allows us to use 90 % less water than other regular cleaning systems.

Quality and Time – utilising our high pressure steam vapor technology our team of well-trained steamers are able to get dirt out of places normal cleaning systems struggle to get to, and they do this in half the time. As for carpets, lounge suites, curtains or any other material the steam vapor is able to penetrate deep into the fibers to remove stubborn dirt with minimal drying time.

Sanitisation – Steam Vapor Disinfects, Sanitizes, Deodorizes, kills all germs dead and cleans both interior (i.e upholstery, leather, suede and plastic) and exterior surfaces using no harmful chemicals, ensuring there are no damages.

Zero drainage – No drainage required as the steam molecules filled with dirt are wiped away with the best quality microfiber towels before it even hits the floor.

Safer – Steam vapor is safer therefore Zero scratches and swirls and no chemical abrasive products, sponges and terry cloths will be coming into contact with your paintwork. Only the best quality microfiber towels are used.

Reach-ability – Steam vapor can easily reach difficult areas especially surfaces that are sensitive to water e.g. Engine Bays.

Cost Effective – Forte Steam offers the most competitive prices.