Forte Steam is an approved steam cleaning and auto detailing Center. We offer a variety of products and services to cater for all your steam cleaning and auto detailing needs. From Steam cleaning of Vehicles, Homes and Offices to Polishing, Glazing, Waxing and Sealing Forte steam does it all.

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Established in MAY of 2015 a new steam cleaning company was born. Formally known as Xtreme Steam and our core focus being steam cleaning we quickly rose up the ranks servicing the likes of BMW, Toyota, VW, Royal Elephant hotels, the Orion Group Hotels and many other corporates. In early 2017 we were awarded the exclusive distributorship by Fortador and Lamborghini to sell the Fortador industrial steam cleaning machines for the African region and Fortador Africa – Powered By Lamborghini was born.

Forte Steam – Powered By Lamborghini is the approved all round service of Fortador Africa with its core business continuing to be in the Steam Cleaning and Auto Detailing industry.

Forte Steam is an approved level 1 BBBEE Company based in Centurion Pretoria. Realising the cleaning and sanitising effects of steam cleaning and valeting vehicles we expanded our services in other industries, such as caravans, houses, office parks, factories, kitchens, hotels and many more.

Three years on, Forte Steam has expanded into an all round service with Steam Cleaning still maintaining the core of the business.


Eco-friendly – the latest in steam vapor technology allows us to use 90 % less water than other regular cleaning systems.

Quality and Time – utilising our high pressure steam vapor technology our team of well-trained steamers are able to get dirt out of places normal cleaning systems struggle to get to, and they do this in half the time. As for carpets, lounge suites, curtains or any other material the steam vapor is able to penetrate deep into the fibers to remove stubborn dirt with minimal drying time.

Sanitisation – Steam Vapor Disinfects, Sanitizes, Deodorizes, kills all germs dead and cleans both interior (i.e upholstery, leather, suede and plastic) and exterior surfaces using no harmful chemicals, ensuring there are no damages.

Zero drainage – No drainage required as the steam molecules filled with dirt are wiped away with the best quality microfiber towels before it even hits the floor.

Safer – Steam vapor is safer therefore Zero scratches and swirls and no chemical abrasive products, sponges and terry cloths will be coming into contact with your paintwork. Only the best quality microfiber towels are used.

Reach-ability – Steam vapor can easily reach difficult areas especially surfaces that are sensitive to water e.g. Engine Bays.

Cost Effective – Forte Steam offers the most competitive prices.

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We are Forte Steam, the official franchise and service offering of Fortador Africa. Forte Steam is a steam cleaning service with a difference. Times are changing, our economy is changing, opportunities are changing, it’s time for us as entrepreneurs to change. Forte Steam is that change. Fortador Africa has packaged a franchise concept that targets every industry, from car washes, professional detailing and valet services of every type of vehicle, to steam cleaning of various surfaces in homes, offices, factories, hospitals, and so much more. We cater to both mobile and stationary sites and are able to tailor and brand every franchisee’s site location or vehicle according to our brand’s profile.